Qualification of Foils, Sheet Metal, and Strip Material

Innovative Solution for Precise Thickness Measurement

Foils, metal sheets and strip materials offer countless application possibilities. Foils in particular are becoming an increasingly important component for innovative products such as separators in rechargeable batteries for e-vehicles. The patented PIQ.trasys from ProNES convinces with a non-contact, traversing method for thickness measurement, one of the most important quality parameters for foils.

Quality Assuring Measured Value

  • Thickness

Your Benefits

  • Micrometer-precise measurement of complete surface
  • Stable , reproducible measurement values independent of vibrations, shocks and temperature fluctuations due to the production environment
  • Highest positioning accuracy of sensors
  • Seamless integration of the manufacturing solution into your company-wide (business) IT

Key Features

  • Patented, traversing measurement procedure
  • Two independent axes independent and two sensors
  • Flexible system integration and simple commissioning
  • Robust, vibration-decoupled construction
  • Compensation measures for temperature fluctuations


For more information on the patent which has been granted to ProNES for this solution please click the following link:

ProNES Patent


Links to Integrated PIQ.platform Modules

piq spc    piq measure & inspect    piq control   

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For more information about the basic ProNES system concept PIQ.manufacture you can download the following brochure:

PIQ.manufacture – the Foundation