Qualification of Stamped Components

Accuracy of Fit due to Exact Measurement Technology

The geometry of stamped parts is crucial for their accuracy of fit, which is indispensable in many fields of application such as cylinder head gaskets. PIQ.stamping is the PIQ.manufacture module for end-to-end quality assurance of stamped parts.  PIQ.stamping can also be used to determine whether stamped parts have been folded.

Quality Assuring Measured Values

  • Geometry


Your Benefits

  • 100% full-surface measurement of the geometry of stamped parts in one pass
  • High-precision testing in the µm range
  • Complete quality documentation and standardised data interface
  • Scalability due to different sensor sizes


Key Features

  • Geometry measurement via transmitted-light procedure
  • Simultaneous measurement of two tracks and more depending on µm count
  • Simultaneous recording of several test specimen parameters


Links to Integrated PIQ.platform Modules

piq spc    piq measure & inspect    piq control   

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For more information about the basic PIQ.manufacture system concept by ProNES you can download the following brochure:

PIQ.manufacture – the Foundation