Qualification of Electric Motors

High-Precision Tests

The PIQ.drive all-in-one solution is the first result of the trusting collaboration between ProMESTA and ProNES. This solution combines the many years of practical experience of the “test heroes” in the fields of automation and digitalisation with the know-how in testing electric motors and the expertise in LabVIEW programming.

Standard Quality-Assurance Tests

Block inhibition | Block moment | Brake test | Braking force | Breakage test | Breakaway tension | Breakaway torque | Characteristic | Cogging torque | Current ripple | Gear backlash | Generator voltage | Hall sensor/encoder | Isolation |  LCR measurement | Noise/vibration | Performance-Load-Profile | Run-in test | Self-inhibition | Starting torque | Start-up test | Temperature test | Thermal switch | Wow and flutter

Your Benefits

  • Effective implementation on the basis of existing software and mechanical standards
  • Flexible system integration, easy commissioning, simple scalability
  • Fast comparative measurement when selecting drives via our eMotorSpezi service

Key Features

  • Testing of DC, BLDC and AC motors as well as DC motors with interface electronics
  • Passive and / or active test mechanics, single or combined use
  • Measurement up to 0 Nm by friction compensation via active load machine
  • Comprehensive, configurable testing library
  • Test of motors via MOTORspezi service on demand

Links to integrated PIQ.platform modules

piq spc    piq measure & inspect    piq control   

For more information about the PIQ.3D-gate all-in-one solution by ProNES as well as the basic PIQ.manufacture system concept by ProNES you can download the following brochures:

PIQ.drive – Flyer

PIQ.manufacture – the Foundation

If you would like a personal meeting or further information on our PIQ.drive and our comprehensive range of solutions and services, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified team.