Qualification of Assemblies

Innovative 3D Scan Solution for Comparison with CAD Data

Complex components such as engine blocks place the highest demands on products to be fully inspected for completeness and correct assembly at the end of production. PIQ.3D-gate is the first result of the cooperation between FARO and ProNES. The latest addition to the PIQ.manufacture all-in-one solutions combines the 3D sensor and imaging technology of one of the leading suppliers in these fields with hands-on expertise of ProNES in optimised manufacturing as well as company-wide networking and digitalisation.

Quality Assurance Testing

  • Comparison with CAD data

Your Benefits

  • Fully automatic scanning of specimens in the manufacturing chain
  • Big data analysis for proactive control of the production processes
  • All IoT prerequisites for Smart Factories
  • 2 variants – stand-alone solution with flexible transport system for specimens and measuring cell with fixed transport system for specimens

Key Features

  • Innovative, high-resolution and high-precision 3D cameras
  • Interfaces to all important infrastructure systems for RFID identification, SAP, and quality assurance

Links to Integrated PIQ.platform Modules

 piq spc   piq control

For more information about the PIQ.3D-gate all-in-one solution by ProNES as well as the basic PIQ.manufacture system concept by ProNES you can download the following brochures:

PIQ.3D-gate – Flyer

PIQ.3D-gate – Flexible Optical 3D Inspection

PIQ.manufacture – the Foundation

If you would like a personal meeting or further information on our PIQ.3D-gate and our comprehensive range of solutions and services, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified team.