Manufacturing Solutions

Digitalisation of Your Manufacturing

PIQ.solutions is the generic term for our diverse custom-made solutions, which can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. In order to meet your individual information requirements, you can use the name of the ProNES all-in-one solution,
the product produced by you or the relevant quality parameters to find a suitable solution.

By Name of ProNES All-in-One Solutions

If you are already familiar with our solution portfolio, but would like more information, you can navigate to our ready-made PIQ.manufacture all-in-one solutions via the brand names.

PIQ.battery inspect

System solution to qualify batteries – numerous system functions


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System solution to qualify a wide variety of electric motors – numerous standard tests

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System solution to qualify assemblies and finished products – 3D scan for comparison with CAD data

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System solution to qualify foils, sheet metal, and strip material – measurement via traversing laser-sensor pair

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System solution to qualify rotationally symmetrical components – transmitted-light procedure for measuring part geometry

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System solution to qualify stamped components – transmitted-light procedure to measure part geometry

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System solution to qualify flat and special section tubes – traversing semiconductor lasers for scanning both tube sides

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By Your Products

If you are looking for a solution for one of the products you manufacture, but at the same time want advice on the relevant quality parameters, you can easily navigate to a suitable PIQ.manufacture all-in-one solution via the category of your manufactured product.

By Your Quality Parameters

If you know which quality parameters are critical to your products, but do not know our solution portfolio, you can simply use these parameters to navigate to your suitable PIQ.manufacture all-in-one solution.

The above-mentioned all-in-one solutions are the result of our practice-oriented collaboration with customers and business partners. Depending on the manufacturing environment, the solutions are based on standardised PIQ.platform modules. Under PLATFORM you find an overview of these modules. Under SERVICE you find our supplementary service offers.

If you would like a personal meeting or further information on our comprehensive range of solutions and services, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified team.