Trusting Teamwork

Cooperation in All Project Phases

Customer service in the sense of a cooperative and trusting relationship with our customers is a basic attitude of our entire team. There is no need for workshops or service packages in this regard. Apart from this self-evident attitude, however, for which we offer you suitable services for the individual project and operating phases of our (all-in-one) solutions:


  • Workshops to analyse upcoming challenges and the current manufacturing environment
  • Workshops to define objectives and concepts, including consulting on suitable hardware and software
  • Demand-driven further development and scaling of solutions


  • Employee training for effective handling of solutions
  • System maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Software licensing and updates



  • Feasibility analyses regarding the intended solution concept
  • Hardware configuration based on workshop results and feasibility studies
  • Software development using standardised and customised modules
  • Commissioning and integration into your business processes


  • Preparation of requirements / functional specifications
  • Creation of circuit diagrams
  • Preparation of operating instructions and software documentation for ProNES solutions
  • Compilation of documentation from other manufacturers as well as required certificates, licenses, etc.


The service offerings mentioned above round off our all-in-one solutions as well as our standardised function libraries. Under SOLUTIONS you find an overview of our ready-made all-in-one solutions. Under PLATFORM you find the functions within our PIQ.manufacture basic concept.

If you would like a personal meeting or further information on our comprehensive range of solutions and services, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified team.