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ProNES – Corporate Development

In 1998, Jochen Weber founded his engineering office for automation & software and initially realised automation projects in a broad spectrum. In 2002, the office is transformed into ProNES automation GmbH (limited liability company) and Jochen Weber becomes the company’s managing director.

However, at an early stage we have specialised in solutions for measurement technology and quality assurance. In more than 250 projects we have acquired our unique know-how. This enables us to develop complex measurement solutions at any time, to integrate them seamlessly into comprehensive automation systems, to plan projects in a customer-oriented and professional manner as well as to implement them transparently. Our solutions convince through performance and reliability.

The numerous functions in our standardised PIQ.platform libraries allow an effective and quick realisation of our solutions. We supplement the tried and tested software modules by purpose-made developments and customer-oriented services, depending on the requirement profile.

Our qualified team of 30 employees takes care of the indispensable service portfolio.

“The customer is always at the focus of our activities. Solving our customers’ tasks in such a way that the result always reflects the specific requirements and wishes is the framework within which we operate. Our customers benefit from our experience and the know-how of our network of experts and competent partners.”

Jochen Weber, Managing Director

Our Company Philosophy

  • Zielsetzung
  • Business Objectives
    ProNES automation GmbH plans, develops and supplies hardware and software systems to optimise manufacturing processes and to ensure manufacturing quality. Another corporate focus is on solutions for innovative building management. In doing so, we pay maximum attention to meet the requirements of our customers and to work collaboratively with our business partners.

  • Innovation
  • Innovative Strength
    Our team is well-established and motivated, and we want to be a reliable expert and competence centre for our customers, enabling us to develop innovative solutions for upcoming challenges.

  • Kompetenz
  • Expertise
    Our overall competence results from the combination of the expertise of our employees. We motivate our employees to participate regularly in training courses and workshops. As a training company and university partner for dual study programmes and internships, we promote the career start of junior staff.

  • Zusammenarbeit
  • Collaborative Teamwork and Mutual Trust
    Constructive exchange to implement practice-oriented projects is paramount in the always collaborative work with our business partners. Without mutual trust, we cannot conceive a high-performance collaboration with our partners and within our team.

  • Respekt
  • Respect
    For us, respect forms the basis of a healthy company culture. In all our activities we comply with the moral and ethical principles of our society. In all our technical ideas and innovations, we pay particular attention to their suitability within the context of fundamental social values. It is important to us that we work together with the due respect and appreciation for one another, regardless of the ethnic origin, educational background, or the personality of the people concerned.

  • Nachhaltigkeit
  • Sustainability
    We feel that it is our obligation to contribute to the maintenance of the natural resources for future generations. We are especially concerned that during our projects we pay attention to the sustainability of the technologies and components used. For a peaceful coexistence, it is out of question for us that the production and sale of any weapon systems are to be rejected. Therefore, we do not work on projects or orders that are directly related to the production of weapons.

  • Verantwortung
  • Responsibility
    ProNES automation GmbH ensures the sound development and expansion of our company in order to live up to our responsibility towards our business partners and employees. We strive to offer all employees space and opportunities to play an active role, to help shape our company, and to develop personally. Moreover, as a healthy company, we bear the responsibility of promoting initiatives that are socially committed and contribute to the long-term well-being of society.


3. Certified LabVIEW Architect at ProNES – June 2016

We congratulate our employee Domenic Foerderer on his successful training and certification by National Instruments in the first half of 2016:

Domenic Foerderer received the title “Certified LabVIEW Architect” after his successful certification as “LabVIEW Developer”. Thus, he has achieved the highest level of LabVIEW certification.

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Niagara 4 Certification by Tridium for Holger Minges – June 2016

We congratulate our employee Holger Minges on his successful training and certification by Tridium.

The “Niagara 4 Certification” demonstrates the acquired basic know-how for this Tridium framework, which offers innovative connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things.

The certificate is further proof of the commitment to continuing education of the employees of ProNES automation GmbH.

Data Protection Officer – TÜV Süd – May 2016

Data protection is becoming more and more important in companies.

We congratulate our employee Christoph Demmerle on passing his exam as Data Protection Officer (DSB-TÜV).

Excellent Promotion of Young Talents at ProNES – 2015

Two renewed certificates prove ProNES automation GmbH’s sustained commitment to promoting young talent:
Ausbildungsbetrieb 2015 – IHK für die Pfalz ((Training Company 2015 – IHK for the Palatinate)
Dualer Partner – DHBW – (Dual Partner)

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PIQ.dataserver Awarded Industry Prize – 2015

Award for Smart Factory solution
PIQ.dataserver by ProNES automation GmbH among the TOP20 in the Industry Award 2015

As a data manager, PIQ.dataserver connects the heterogeneous machine world with the company’s IT in the sense of Industry 4.0. In the evaluation of more than 2,000 products at this year’s Industry Award, the software was voted among the TOP20 in the category IT & Software Solution with regard to innovative content, benefits, and suitability for medium-sized businesses.

Seal of Quality “Innovativ durch Forschung” awarded to ProNES Automation GmbH – 2014/2015

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wirtschaft e. V. (Donors’ Association for the promotion of humanities and sciences in Germany) has awarded ProNES automation GmbH, developer of system platforms for use in the field of industrial automation, the seal “Innovativ durch Forschung” (Innovative through Research). As one of the largest private sponsors of science in Germany, the Stifterverband honours research-based companies for the special responsibility they assume for society.

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Highest Certification Level Achieved in LabVIEW – October 2014

We congratulate our employees Christoph Jacky (CLA) and Holger Minges (CLD) for the successful certification by National Instruments as “Certified LabVIEW Architect” and “Certified LabVIEW Developer”. Moreover, we congratulate our employees David Abel, Domenic Foerderer, Mouad Raji, Ralf Marckert and Stephan Platz for the successful (re-)certification as “Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer”.

With the numerous certifications up to the highest level of certification, we consolidate our status as a Silver Alliance Partner of National Instruments, and we are pleased to provide this expertise to our customers in exciting projects.

Patent for Measuring the Thickness of Wide Foils – March 2013

ProNES Automation GmbH has been granted a patent to measure the thickness of wide foils. ProNES sells the associated solution under the name PIQ.trasys.

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