Image Processing

Automated optical inspection (AOI) requires highly precise image capture and image processing functions. PIQ.vision is the PIQ.manufacture module for optimised image processing. The associated functions allow to quickly and contactlessly determine a wide variety of characteristics, enabling an effective quality assessment.

Function Library

  • Detect patterns with / without angle checking
  • Form template groups for multiple tests
  • Organise templates into categories (e.g. screws, emblems, threads, etc.)
  • Measure brightness
  • Measure profiles via line scanner
  • Track / set snap points
  • Detect geometric shapes (circle, rectangle, oval, line)
  • Implement additional test routines from LabVIEW (optional)
  • Save all resulting images with overlay and raw image, profiles in TDMS
  • Manage test programs integrated in system
  • Operate in parallel multiple image-capture sensors and line scanners
  • Optimise cycle times: asynchronous feedback to connected PLC
  • Display quality at HMI
  • Support all LabVIEW compatible cameras (camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0)
  • Manually control the variables to be written (optional)
  • Coordinate test software and control system
  • Transmit measurement data from measuring terminals of the PLC

Under SOLUTIONS you find an online overview of our PIQ.manufacture all-in-one solutions.

For more information about the basic PIQ.manufacture system concept by ProNES you can download the following brochure:

PIQ.manufacture – the foundation

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