Measurements / Tests

Reliable quality assurance, which provides the basis for sound business decisions, requires precise measurements and tests. PIQ.measure&inspect is the PIQ.manufacture module that provides the basic framework for determining exact measurement and test data. In this way, you receive reliable measurement/test data and continually keep track of the quality of your manufactured products.

Function Library

Initialisation routine (optional)

  • Initialise data logging
  • Provide paths to data folder
  • Create user events for Main
  • Start TCP / IP communication
  • Load menu
  • Connect to PLC

Main Loops

  • Process user events sent from any position in the event structure
  • Process and send all user actions to process them via the consumer loop
  • Process all actions and tests via the consumer loop
  • Program tests / actions via status search engine

Deinitialisation routine (optional)

  • Close data logging
  • Close user events
  • Stop TCP / IP communication
  • Close connection to PLC

Under SOLUTIONS you find an online overview of our PIQ.manufacture all-in-one solutions.

For more information about the basic PIQ.manufacture system concept by ProNES you can download the following brochure:

PIQ.manufacture – the foundation

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