The Internet of Things and automation are the order of the day for state-of-the-art manufacturing landscapes. PIQ.control ist the PIQ.manufacture module for automated machine control. The associated functions can be used to effectively coordinate and optimise the processes between different system components.

Function Library

  • Provide the software framework for the respective PLC (Siemens S7, Beckhoff TwinCAT)
  • Coordinate separate processing steps/procedures of different system stations
  • Provide PLC technology (Siemens S7, Beckhoff TwinCAT)
  • Connect different connection types on the basis of classes
  • Continually read variables according to PLC model (index and offset, variable name)
  • Write demand-oriented data via queue
  • Visualise the system controlled by the PLC
  • Visualise data on LabVIEW user interface
  • Manually control the variables to be written (optional)
  • Coordinate test software and control
  • Transmit measurement data from the PLC measuring terminals

Under SOLUTIONS you find an online overview of our PIQ.manufacture all-in-one solutions.

For more information about the basic PIQ.manufacture system concept by ProNES you can download the following brochure:

PIQ.manufacture – the foundation

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