Innovation on Proven Foundation

Field Proven Solution Modules

  • Standardised Functions
    When comparing different manufacturing environments, an intersection of similar functions results. Standardisation by ProNES allows seamless and effective customisation and parameterisation for a wide variety of manufacturing landscapes.

  • Innovative Modular Architecture
    The modular architecture permits all common external components (PLC, databases, etc.) to be combined with each other and with the PIQ.manufacture modules used. This results in a manufacturing environment that can be flexibly scaled according to your requirements.

  • Preconfigured Interface Modules
    Preconfigured interfaces to your IT (ERP, QA software, etc.) enable the effective networking of heterogenous manufacturing environments with the hybrid business IT.

  • Basis for Customised PIQ. System Solutions
    The standardised modules of PIQ.platform are combined according to customer requirements. If necessary, they are supplemented with customer-specific modules. This way, the hardware and software for individual customer projects can be effectively consolidated in an optimised corporate landscape.

Currently Available Modules

PIQ.measure & inspect

Automated measurement data acquisition and testing software

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Control software for machine automation

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Machine-level image processing and 2D laser-optical tests

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Data-side networking (middleware) between machines and business IT

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Statistical process evaluation via feature editor and quality key figures

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Customer-specific user interface for HMI and system visualisation

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The PIQ.platform modules mentioned above form the basis for our PIQ.manufacture system concept. Under SOLUTIONS you find an online overview of our all-in-one solutions. Under SERVICE you find our supplementary service offers.

If you would like a personal meeting or further information on our comprehensive range of solutions and services, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified team.