Cell Tester for quality assurance before assembly


Diverse cell masks


Modular solution structure



The battery market is developing more dynamically than ever before. Both the almost daily headlines in the media and analyses of the current battery market show this. There is unanimity on one point: However, sustainable manufacturing processes and the highest quality are not only desirable, but an absolute must in order to deal responsibly with the available resources and to meet the current cost pressure.

One example is the results described in Battery Monitor 2022 (PEM of RWTH Aachen University / Roland Berger GmbH, Battery Monitor, 2nd Edition). They sum up the benefits of automated cell and battery production with integrated quality assurance:

“A production line can have a reject rate of over 30% at the start of production, but with a well-established line the reject rate is reduced to almost five to ten percent. […] A high degree of digitization should accelerate the process and optimize the overall scrap reduction in the next few years.”

“In general, automated processes are less sensitive to errors than manual production steps. Therefore, the automation is an important driver for further optimizing process steps, quality, yield, and throughput.”

This is exactly where the batterieinspektor® framework from ProNES comes in. It allows comprehensive quality control in cell and battery production, which is integrated into the manufacturing processes. Ongoing quality assurance, which is networked throughout the company, also makes it possible to assess the success of optimisation steps and make well-founded decisions on further optimisation measures.

The modular structure of the system solutions also enables cell and battery manufacturers to respond to changing market requirements and quality parameters.

At the same time, it is virtually part of ProNES’ DNA to tackle technical challenges holistically in cooperation with business partners such as Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH and Drees & Sommer. In battery production, this means offering system solutions that automate and optimise the manufacturing process from the cell to the finished, high-quality battery. In this context, it does not matter whether manufacturers start with a greenfield factory or use retrofitting to make existing production lines fit for the future.

Components for automation, measurements for quality assurance as well as company-wide networking, which are combined into an overall solution, have recently been supplemented by ProNES with the custom-fit, additive manufacturing of workpiece carriers that meet the most diverse cell dimensions.

Highlights of the batterieinspektor® framework

  • Market-leading measurement and testing technology
  • State-of-the-art 2D/3D image processing for optical inspection
  • Demand-oriented standard and customised modules
  • Sustainable retrofitting
  • Modular optimisation for IoT and I4.0
  • Consulting in each project phase
  • Collaborative solution development

More info

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