“Young talents are our strongest resource

Numerous people already achieve outstanding goals in education, family and society at a young age and impress with their willingness to take responsibility for themselves and others. The Deutschlandstipendium aims to specifically motivate young students to do so and to encourage them in their decision to pursue a challenging education. In the future, a great deal will depend on their opportunities to develop freely and to contribute with a high level of commitment. They should therefore be encouraged to excel through a scholarship.” (Source: Website ot the Federal Ministry for Education and Research regarding the Deutschlandstipendium, 2022)

This is a statement that fits perfectly with the company philosophy of ProNES. Thus, we will continue our long-standing support of the Deutschlandstipendium at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences in 2022. The graphics on the left demonstrate the success of this cooperation between the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and “private” sponsors (companies, associations, foundations and private individuals).

We are happy for all students who can start their professional career more conveniently in this way.

You will find further information on the Deutschlandstipendium and ProNES under the following links:


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