The success of an athlete requires just as much staying power as business success. And for both areas it is equally true that a solid financial basis makes it much easier to realise one’s goals. A long-term goal of pole vaulter Oleg Zernikel from ASV Landau is the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. So that he does not end up financially stranded, ProNES supports Oleg with a monthly amount. Needless to say, the entire ProNES team is keeping its fingers crossed for the next meetings and milestones on his way to Paris.

You can find more information about the sponsor team for Oleg in the Rheinpfalz arcticle on the presentation of the car with which Oleg can transport his poles to the respective competitions in a relaxed manner.

Ein Fahrzeug für Oleg Zernikels Strecke nach Paris

Please find below the translation of the Rheinpfalz article:

A Car for Oleg Zernikel’s Route to Paris

Pole vaulter Oleg Zernikel from ASV Landau has replaced his Clio with a Hyundai Tucson. Dennis Schober, chairman of the “Hoch hinaus” (Flying high) support association, has found supporters who make it easier for the 27-year old Olympic athlete to do a lot of travelling. “What individuals cannot do, we can do together,” said Sabine Heil from VR-Bank Südpfalz. “Zernikel has an exceptional position in this respect.” ProNES is supporting him with a 450-euro job until the 2024 Games in Paris, as Jochen Weber, the company’s managing director, said at the presentation of the car in the Landau stadium. Other mayor private supporters are the Gerach Group of Companies and MS Sport-Reha. Each supporter has a place on the car with the distinctive design. He travels between 1500 and 2500 kilometres a month, Zernikel said. In the next few weeks, he will be at meetings in Dessau, Recklinghausen, Rehlingen and Zweibrücken. He can take his poles with him on the roof rack.