With the onset of the pandemic, unfortunately, the dangers from cyberattacks have also continued to increase, not to mention new developments around the world. Despite this fact, the topic of backup often only comes into focus when the horse has bolted. There are many reasons for this. Backups are often perceived as a nuisance because they have to be created regularly. Quite often people also say that there is no time window because, for example, the systems have to run.

With the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks using ransomware, taking cyberprotection – and backups in particular – seriously is an absolute must these days. In the meantime, there are various backup solutions on the market that have proven themselves in practice and can be integrated into day-to-day operations without much effort.

ProNES relies on Acronis Cyber Backup for backup, as this solution covers all requirements and runs reliably. With the help of these backup solutions, systems can be automatically backed up on a scheduled basis during operation and everyday problems can be significantly mitigated. You will also certainly know “good” examples of this: Sometimes a hard disk or an SSD fails in a system, or after a supposedly uncritical update or service, something no longer runs as before. Here, Acronis backups provide a simple and fast way to revert to previous backups or states of the IT system, reducing downtime regardless of the hardware used.

Even in production environments, IPC systems of the facilities must be integrated into a backup system. This allows you to quickly respond to outages and secure maintenance operations and perform them without major worries.

The 3-2-1 backup rule is recommended. This backup rule states that there should be 3 copies of all company data backed up on two different storage media. One of these media should be located far from the company’s headquarters.

Another thing you should keep in mind here is that backups are required by law under GDPR. For production systems, the GDPR plays a rather minor role, but proper backups can reduce downtime. This will save you money on system recovery, not to mention the loss of image and costs due to missed delivery deadlines, etc.

From our experience, it is also advisable to prevent extreme cases by appropriate IT security (virus scanner, password protection, etc.). And if an extreme case should occur despite all security measures, only complete data backups offer the chance to keep the damage as low as possible. In the light of this situation, we should change our thinking about data protection and, there, about backup. As the age-old saying goes: „Better Safe than Sorry.“

If you have any questions about Acronis solutions and backup & recovery, please feel free to contact us.

And as far as technical equipment, backup routines and virus protection are concerned, our IT department will be happy to help you as well.