The batterieinspektor by ProNES is going out into the world. This is a more than pleasing development, but at the same time our previous production area has been more and more pushed to its limits.

Thus, we took the opportunity to expand our company headquarters in Landau by a hall for the production of our batterieinspektor systems for automated quality assurance. Suppliers of accessory components and logistics companies can now find us at Albert-Einstein-Str. 19.

In the future, our specialists will assemble our quality assurance systems here, either completely or partially, as required, so that the systems can later be delivered to our customers and commissioned on site.

The hall not only makes it easier for our suppliers and other logistics companies to reach us. At the same time, the hall offers plenty of room for expansion and allows to work in parallel on different systems with ample free space.

In short, the hall meets our demand for a manufacturing environment with a lot of development potential. From Albert-Einstein-Str. 19, many more systems will find their way into the world.

You can find more information about the batterieinspektor at the following link: