Four electric cars can now charge up at the same time at Marie-Curie-Str. 5a in Landau. Two of the four charging columns in the charging park on the parking areas of the Sparkasse Südpfalz are available to all visitors and employees of the surrounding businesses, residents and visitors of ProNES automation GmbH and the Sparkasse.

The initiative for the charging columns was taken by ProNES automation GmbH, which has established a reputation for innovative automation and system solutions in the field of e-mobility. ESEL.CAB GmbH, a subsidiary of EnergieSüdwest AG, contributes the know-how for the implementation and billing. And last but not least, Sparkasse Südpfalz is providing the parking spaces for the charging park.

The charging park with 4 charging points consists of 2 double charging columns with a connected load of 22 kilowatts per charging point. Parking for electric vehicles is free of charge during the charging process.

At the inauguration, the three cooperation partners agreed on the important concern of contributing to the expansion of the regional charging infrastructure for electric cars and thus to push forward the technological development in the region.

„As Sparkasse Südpfalz, we are pleased to be working with ProNES to further advance the mobility of the future in our region and to make an important contribution to protecting the environment. It is a must for us to act in the spirit of sustainability and to make the space available for this purpose“, said Bernd Jung, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sparkasse Südpfalz, at the inauguration of the charging points, which took place together with Dr Robert Grajcarek, Managing Director of ESEL.CAB, and Jochen Weber, ProNES Managing Director.

„We are very satisfied to have found another strong partner for our project to create a comprehensive charging infrastructure in Landau and the region. The switch to electric mobility will only succeed with industry partners like ProNES who are willing to invest in publicly accessible charging infrastructure,“ emphasised Dr Grajcarek.

„As an innovative pioneer in electromobility, it is very important to us not only to invest in future-oriented technologies, but also to make them accessible to the public,“ explained ProNES Managing Director Jochen Weber at the inauguration.

As part of the charging station infrastructure master plan, the German federal government is funding the measure with 40 per cent. The charging stations are in turn part of the regional ESEL.CAB charging network, which now comprises over 100 charging points. The cooperation partners invest in the charging infrastructure and ESEL.CAB GmbH takes care of the administration and billing.

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