ProCHAIN describes a blockchain platform to which special and manufacturing machines, as well as test and inspection stations at the customer’s premises, can be connected.

Then they can independently conclude so-called Smart Contracts (i.e., intelligent contracts) via the blockchain with applications that want to access the machine or automats and which then pay a price specified in the contract to the machine in the form of tokens. In this context, tokens are more or less a cryptocurrency that is not or not yet listed as a currency. Thus, the application pays for each access to the machine

In addition, the machine now also has the possibility to “buy” intelligent algorithms offered via the blockchain as a software application.

In the same way, access to the computing power is contractable if a machine no longer has resources available for a particular evaluation algorithm/software.

Together with haitecon GmbH from Mainz, ProNES will use this development to open up new market access and innovatively expand its portfolio as a service provider.

Using the ProCHAIN blockchain platform, ProNES customers will in future have the option not to purchase the system as a combination of hardware and software, but rather to acquire access to the test station as a service on demand, comparable to a leased vehicle.