“Traffic collapse, parking lot emergency and fine dust alarm. Intelligent use of energy. Secure data for citizens and administration. More voice and transparency in decisions. Designing the city of tomorrow to be liveable and sustainable.”

These are the basic topics for which sustainable solutions will be sought at the Smart City Solutions conference. The conference takes place as part of the supporting programme of INTERGEO, the world’s leading trade fair for geodata. The Smart Builders’ Summit (Wednesday 18 September from noon), organised by the British Science and Innovation Network (SIN) and BABLE, is dedicated to tackling the corresponding challenges in the construction sector.

As a cooperation partner of the BABLE Smart Cities platform, Jochen Weber, Managing Director of ProNES Automation GmbH, will be joining other speakers and attendees at the Smart Builders’ Summit to explore what the construction sector of tomorrow could look like. Professionals from the public and private sector as well as research institutions, developers and financing institutions from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland will examine digital technologies and new practices that have become established as trendsetting in the construction industry. In addition, the question of the economics of Smart Planning will be discussed.

Join the organizers and speakers as they look beyond proprietary and national solutions to explore the possibilities of digital technologies in the design and operation of building facilities, and apply best practices resulting from the cross-national collaboration.

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Smart Builders’ Summit – September 18, 2019, Stuttgart

Smart City Solutions – Part of INTERGEO – September 17 to 19, Stuttgart