The 11th meeting of the LabVIEW User Group brought together 10 members of the LabVIEW User Group at Lufft in Fellbach. After four hours all participants agreed that they had experienced an interesting afternoon with practical insights and helpful tips for their daily work.

After a short presentation of the company history and the product portfolio of Lufft by Mrs. Wingert from the marketing department, the participants were given an insight into the organisation of production at Lufft. In addition to the convincing devices for weather measurement, the work organisation at the workplaces in production was particularly impressive. The respective employees design the workplaces on their own according to the respective requirements. Moreover, the production employees are actively involved in quality assurance and the implementation of safety measures via Kanban boards.  

In this manufacturing environment, LabVIEW is used for test stations. Mr. Schneider used an application example to explain how the software created with LabVIEW is integrated into the environment.

A test program created with LabVIEW then served as a basis to discuss the effective arrangement of VIs and other program elements in a code review. During the discussion, the participants gave each other numerous tips to make their daily work with LabVIEW easier. These included the reference to an interesting presentation the winking title “How to blow your LabVIEW project in surprisingly few steps”. At the GDevCon 2018 many listeners followed this informative presentation by Jörg Hampel.

Conclusion of the afternoon: Virtual encounters via the online forum may be an addition, but none of the participants would like to do without the regular exchange in the “real” world. The next meeting is scheduled for the end of January 2019.