On Girls’ Day, companies, businesses and universities throughout Germany open their doors to schoolgirls from the 5th grade onwards. The girls get to know apprenticeships and study programmes in IT, crafts, natural sciences and technology, in which women are rarely represented.  Or they meet female role models in management positions in business and politics.

ProNES Automation GmbH, developers of comprehensive system solutions for quality assurance and digitalisation, welcomed Jessica P. to our company headquarters in Marie-Curie-Strasse in Landau on April 26, 2018. Jessica attends the 9th grade of the Wilhelm-Hauenstein-Gymnasium in Durmersheim.

Our team members Ralf Marckert and Martin Haag gave Jessica insights into their daily work: software programming and control cabinet construction.

Together with Ralf Marckert, project developer for hardware and software, Jessica created a small LabVIEW demo programme.

Moreover, she was given the opportunity to watch Ralf Marckert during an important part of his day-to-day work: the adaptation of source codes of existing programmes.

Together with our team member Martin Haag, project developer for mechanics and hardware, Jessica was able to break new ground and support him with the cabling of control cabinets.

“The Girls’ Day at ProNES Automation GmbH was a great opportunity for me to gain an insight into the company’s field of activity. A very interesting day with many new impressions and friendly people, which helped me a lot in my further career choice,” is the conclusion of Jessica.

We would be delighted, if our dedicated employees could further promote Jessica’s interest in a technical profession and wish her every success in her academic and professional career.