The cooperative product development combines the strengths of both companies to sustainably develop the product portfolio of both companies. One of Wolf & Wölfel’s areas of expertise is the testing of electric motors. ProNES contributes its expertise in LabVIEW programming. The common foundation of the solution is the many years of experience of both companies in automation and process optimisation in the manufacturing.

The first result of this cooperation is the all-in-one solution, which serves to seamlessly integrate the control of various quality parameters into the production of electric motors: starting torque, insulation, block inhibition, noise / vibration, synchronisation fluctuation, to name but a few. Detailed information on can be found under the following link:

“Mehr Qualität geht nicht” or “Quality at its Best” applies at all levels: quality of the all-in-one solution, quality of the manufactured electric motors, and quality of the trusting cooperation between the companies.

And the conclusion of the day:

Neither Friday the 13th nor the partly impassable paths diminished the positive mood. We can go on like this…