We congratulate our employee Domenic Foerderer on his successful training and certification by National Instruments in the first half of 2016:

Domenic Foerderer received the title “Certified LabVIEW Architect” after his successful certification as “LabVIEW Developer”. Thus, he has achieved the highest level of LabVIEW certification – along with Christoph Jacky and Holger Minges.

With three CLAs in a group of six certified employees, ProNES consolidates its status as Silver Alliance Partner of National Instruments. We look forward to continuing our excellent cooperation and to many exciting projects that we can implement together.

• Christoph Jacky (CLA)
• Holger Minges (CLA)
• Domenic Förderer (CLA)
• David Abel (CLAD)
• Ralf Marckert (CLAD)
• Stephan Platz (CLAD)

All certificates demonstrate a broad understanding of the LabVIEW environment and the basic understanding of best practices in coding and documentation, as well as the ability to read and evaluate existing code.