ProNES Automation GmbH has been granted a patent to measure the thickness of wide foils. ProNES sells the associated solution under the name PIQ.trasys.

The patented solution is a method for measuring the material thickness of wide foils in which a foil is conveyed between two traverses. The material thickness of the foil is calculated using at least two distance sensors arranged opposite to each other on one of the traverses. The distance between the sensors and the foil surface is determined and sent to a data processing device which calculates the foil thickness on the basis of the measured values. The traverses are rigid granite rails. On each of these rails a slide carrying a distance sensor is moved with positional precision.

Further technical details about PIQ.trasys can be found on the ProNES website.

The main advantage of the solution is the reduced number of sensors without making any concessions to the precision of the measurement. The overall arrangement of the measuring device, including triangulation sensors, rigid granite guides and integrated calibration, enables a measurement accuracy of one micrometer. Moreover, temperature fluctuations in the measuring environment are taken into account.

The granting of this patent to Jochen Weber, managing director of ProNES Automation GmbH, is further proof of the inventive spirit that prevails at ProNES. However, this inventive talent is not an end in itself  at ProNES. The underlying expertise and years of experience provide a solid foundation for developing a well-coordinated combination of standard modules and customised, individual solutions. Thus, ProNES customers benefit on the one hand from the cost efficiency of standard modules and on the other hand from individual problem solutions that address their specific manufacturing requirements.